Barclay and Clegg partner with CANSA to support breast cancer survivors.

Barclay & Clegg have partnered with CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa) in order to create a platform for education, rehabilitation and support for ladies who have survived breast cancer. Barclay & Clegg offer prosthesis products for those who have been affected by the medical procedures incurred during their plight with cancer. Both Barclay & Clegg & CANSA have long worked with women who have had breast cancer diagnosis, making this a powerful partnership.

According to the World Cancer Research Fund, South Africa has been ranked 50th worldwide in countries with the highest cases of cancer. Among these cases in women, breast cancer has the highest occurrence with 1 in 29 South African women being diagnosed. This unsettling development has caused Barclay and Clegg to provide products that were designed to restore confidence and encourage well-being.

Partnering with CANSA will be a step toward creating better awareness and pushing for more co-operation for women affected by the disease. With this in mind, Barclay & Clegg have pushed for medical aid support, and have insured that ladies are able to claim back from most medical aids for breast prosthesis and mastectomy bras. Barclay & Clegg have registered its products with the medical profession and have both NAPPI and ICD-10 codes.

Barclay & Clegg are specialists in post-surgery recovery products which aid in healing and support. Whether a patient has had breast reconstruction, reduction or removal it will always require follow-up treatment and care. Barclay & Clegg are uniquely equipped to support women through these trying times with bras and bandages that help in both preventing and caring for lymphedema, as well as many other problems that may arise in the recovery process.

With over 20 years of experience in breast prosthesis and mastectomy products, Barclay & Clegg do custom fittings to ensure that a survivor will receive both the correct form and shape to help rebuild their confidence and transform the way they look and feel. After surgery and during radiation therapy, the skin will react very sensitively to contact and pressure; they therefore ensure their products are made of skin friendly cotton and micro-fibres to ensure comfort.

A percentage of proceeds from all sales from Barclay & Clegg’s breast prosthesis and mastectomy ranges will be donated to CANSA to assist in helping sufferers and survivors. The money will be used to create awareness, educate women better and assist ladies in knowing the tell-tale signs to early detection.

Both Barclay & Clegg & CANSA understand the mental and physical toll that is required to combat cancer, and are thus moving together in 2018 to help ladies feel better, be stronger and empower their lives. We are confident this collaboration will be a long term success fostered around cultivating the well-being of survivors.

5% of all prosthesis products get donated to CANSA.

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