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Anita Care

Over 30 years of experience has gone into the design and production  of Anita products, guaranteeing perfect co-ordination between breast  prosthesis, mastectomy bra and swimwear.

Anita has one of the biggest collections of mastectomy bras and swimwear on the  market. They keep ahead of new developments and do the design and  manufacture at their own premises in Germany.

The main criterion for quality is your confidence

Anita mastectomy bras and prostheses are a perfect combination as they were  carefully designed to complement one another. The result is a modern style with optimum functionality.

  1. Sufficiently high-cut neckline for reliable support
  2. High-cut panel between the cups and a close-fitting, stretch neckline for optimum prosthesis accommodation
  3. Cups designed especially for a prostheses
  4. Stretch straps which are adjustable at the back and become wider in the larger sizes
  5. Wide, soft underbust band for firm support under the bust and maximum comfort
  6. High-cut around the arms to cover any scarred tissue
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