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Emotional Wellness

Everybody is unique and will experience different emotions at  different phases of their recovery. There is no right or wrong way to  feel. Emotional wellness is a very important part of your recovery.


For many people, appearance can have a big impact on self-esteem. Any changes to your body resulting from breast cancer and its treatment can have a lasting impact on how you feel about yourself.

Many women wonder how they will cope if they have lost all or part of a breast after surgery. You may feel that you have lost your ‘normal’ body shape and this can be frightening and upsetting.

However, with time, most people become more confident in knowing what works for them and what feels comfortable.

We want to encourage and help you master your new situation with energy  and a new-found sense of purpose. Positive thinking will help you regain control of your life once more. The right prosthesis and mastectomy products can help you build self-esteem and regain confidence.

Always remember: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


Your family, friends, doctors and support groups will help you regain  the quality of your life and give you a new understanding. Accept their  help and support. 

The value of personal conversations and individual  consultation and advice is extremely important for your psychological well-being.